MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. partners with a wide array of schools to provide students funding for education via Income Share Agreements (ISAs) – an income-driven alternative to traditional loans and debt.

The Mentorworks ISA Program is a particularly good fit for individuals who need certifications or graduate education to start or advance careers in the following areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Coding + Software Engineering
  • Cybersecurity + Digital Forensics
  • Data Analytics + Data Science
  • Economics + Finance
  • Electrical + Electronics Engineering
  • Investment + Venture Capital
  • IT Operations + Management
  • Sales + Business Development
Information on the pages linked herein is provided by each of the colleges, universities, schools and institutions corresponding to their listing under “Featured Schools” (Schools) and is publicly available on their respective websites, (2020-21). MentorWorks Education Capital, Inc. (MentorWorks) is not a representative of any of the Schools nor does the listing of any of the Schools constitute a recommendation, endorsement, or accreditation. Schools are not representatives or an affiliates of MentorWorks or Blue Ridge Bank, N.A. References on this website to Schools do not guarantee ISA eligibility or serve as financial advice. You should carefully consider your choice of educational program and seek advice from a qualified advisor.